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4 advantages of non-woven bags

After the ban on plastics was issued, plastic bags were slowly removed from the shelves in shopping malls and replaced by non-woven shopping bags. Many customers would ask why not paper bags but non-woven bags? Below, Xiaobian Xiongwei will explain it to you

1. Printing advantages

The non-woven bag has a variety of colors from a single color before, and it can fully meet the requirements of printing. The non-woven film-coated environmental protection bag made by the current technology has realistic printing, bright colors, and can be clearly displayed. various characteristics of the product.

2. Price advantage

After rapid development in recent years, the non-woven bag industry chain has been very perfect, and the production cost and material loss of each process are getting better and better, so the price of non-woven shopping bags has also greatly strengthened the product. competitiveness.

3. Publicity advantages

Non-woven eco-friendly bags can be recycled many times, and the wear resistance and waterproof performance are stronger than paper bags, which can play a good role in advertising and publicity.

4. Environmental advantages

Non-woven bags are easy to decompose after recycling. Its easy decomposition can reduce environmental pollution and greatly reduce the use of plastic bags. The production of paper bags will waste a lot of forest resources, which is contrary to afforestation.

To sum up, this is why supermarkets use non-woven shopping bags instead of paper bags. Boxiao Packaging Co., Ltd. is a professional research and development, production and sales of non-woven bags, canvas bags, and Oxford bags. , Polyester bags and other environmentally friendly bag products manufacturers. Feel free to contact us for a quote anytime. Xiaobian is online 24 hours a day!

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