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What is flexographic printing

Flexographic printing, referred to as flexographic printing, is a printing method that uses a flexographic plate to transfer ink through an anilox roller.

Flexographic printing is a type of letterpress printing, and the printing plate generally uses a photosensitive resin plate with a thickness of 1-5mm. Ink is divided into three categories, namely water-based ink, alcohol-soluble ink, UV ink. Because the ink used in flexographic printing is green and environmentally friendly, it has been widely used in food packaging printing. Compared with gravure printing, offset printing and traditional letterpress printing, flexographic printing has its own distinct characteristics:

1. Low cost

Compared with gravure printing presses of the same color group and corresponding offset printing presses, the price of flexographic printing presses needs to be much lower. In addition, the flexographic printing machine integrates various processes such as printing, die-cutting, and glazing, and multiple processes can be completed at one time, without the need to purchase additional post-processing equipment, which has a high return on investment.

2. Simple equipment

The structure of the device is relatively simple, so it is relatively simple and convenient to use.

3. High efficiency

Flexographic printing uses reel materials, which can not only realize double-sided printing of printing materials, but also complete on-line glazing (or lamination), bronzing, die-cutting, waste discharge, and winding. It greatly shortens the production cycle, saves manpower, material and financial resources, reduces production costs, and improves economic benefits.

4. Wide range

There is a wide range of printing materials, such as paper, plastic film, aluminum foil, self-adhesive paper, etc.

5. Good quality

The quality of the printed matter is good, the printing accuracy can reach 150 lines/inch, and the printed matter is rich in layers, bright in color and good in visual effect, which is especially suitable for the needs of packaging and printing.

6. Environmental protection

Using new water-based ink and solvent-based ink, non-toxic, non-polluting, fully meet the needs of green environmental protection, can also meet the needs of food packaging.

7. Good benefits

The flexographic printing machine uses reel-type materials and can be operated online with many post-press equipment, which greatly shortens the cycle. The cost of flexographic printing is only 10%-20% of gravure printing, the ink consumption is 1/3 less than that of gravure printing, the electricity saving is 40%, and the scrap rate is only 1%-2%, which is lower than that of gravure printing and offset printing, thus reducing production cost.

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