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How to dispose of non-woven bags after use

With the advent of the ban on plastics, non-woven environmental protection bags are a relatively common type, and many people use them. One can't help but ask, with so many bags, what problems will arise when they are used? Let me explain to you below

The first treatment method: used by residents as garbage bags, packing shopping bags and garbage into garbage disposal sites, or being buried or incinerated, because its raw material is polypropylene, which is unstable in structure and easy to decompose. So there will be no impact on the environment.

The second treatment method: be recycled, enter the reprocessing enterprise, return to the furnace to produce shopping bags or other environmentally friendly products, and then appear in the public eye with a new look

Basically, the above two processing methods are used. Of course, it is not ruled out that some environmental protection bags will be discarded in the wild, but these situations have rarely occurred with the continuous improvement of people's quality and educational level.

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