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Insulation bags

Aluminum foil insulation bag is a practical bag using aluminum film as material, it can play an effective role in heat insulation, so it is widely used in some places that need heat preservation, cold preservation and freshness preservation.

With the development and growth of the takeaway industry, many stores have begun to use aluminum foil thermal insulation bags, especially some food takeaways that need to be kept warm, such as porridge, barbecue, noodles and some fast food. After use, it can effectively keep the heat of the food, so as to prevent the food from losing its deliciousness due to the temperature drop during the delivery process.

The combination of aluminum foil insulation bags and ice packs can effectively keep cold and prevent some fresh cold chain fruits and other products from deteriorating during the express delivery process. Let everyone buy fresh cold chain products with peace of mind.

Not only can you choose customized services according to your needs, such as color, size, printing, etc. Different materials can also be selected. This kind of bag can keep warm for about 8 hours, and can keep cold for more than 48 hours with ice packs, which can well solve the pain points of cold chain logistics. Its practicality is very high, and the price is relatively cheap, so more and more merchants choose to use this product packaging.

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