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Laminated/laminated non-woven fabric

Process: The rolled plastic film is directly compounded with the non-woven material through the advanced non-woven laminating machine. 

Product description:Laminated non-woven fabric = PP non-woven fabric + film 

Gram weight range: 20-250gsm 

Width: 1.1/1.6/1.8/2.1M (common 1.6m on the market) 

MOQ: 1 ton/color, different factories, different MOQ

PP cloth material: 100% polypropylene (or add filler)

Color: non-woven fabric color can be customized

Lamination color: gold, silver, color, laser pattern... can be customized

Film material: transparent OPP film, PE film, PET film, aluminized film


Laminated non-woven fabric

Laminated non-woven fabrics, laser non-woven fabrics, high-gloss non-woven fabrics, matt non-woven fabrics, and laminated non-woven fabrics are all composite processes! Most of them are composite two-layer fabrics, and PE-coated non-woven fabrics can perform various composite treatments on non-woven fabrics and other fabrics, such as lamination treatment, hot pressing treatment, glue spray treatment, ultrasonic treatment, etc. Lamination process can combine two or three layers of fabric together

Laminated non-woven fabric is a three-layer fabric. A professional machine is used to heat the plastic into liquid, and then the plastic liquid is poured on one or both sides of the non-woven fabric through the machine. There is a drying system on one side of the machine, which can The poured plastic liquid is dried and cooled. 


Laminated non-woven fabric

The high-quality properties of laminated nonwovens are the best choice for industrial nonwovens:

Super wear resistance and barrier properties;

Non-toxic, antibacterial, corrosion resistance;

Good breathability and waterproof performance;

Has high levels of elongation and tear strength and good uniformity;

Excellent processability and thermal stability;

No need to dye, more environmentally friendly, higher color fastness


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