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Oxford cloth bag and canvas bag comparison

1. There is still a big difference in the definition and material between the two.

As the name suggests, the Oxford bag is named after Oxford University, mainly because the traditional combed cotton fabric of the bag is originated from Oxford University in the United Kingdom. It is a fabric made by a specific process. The material generally involves polyester or nylon, while polyester The produced Oxford bags are generally used as schoolbags, satchels and other luggage fabrics, while the nylon fabrics are mainly used to make rain-proof and flood-proof products;

The canvas bag is defined by the initial common term sail, and its fabric is very similar to that of the sail, mostly a thicker cotton fabric or linen fabric, with two different specifications: coarse canvas and fine canvas. Mostly plain weave, and sometimes twill weave.

2. Oxford bags are more waterproof than canvas bags.

The nylon Oxford bag analyzed earlier can be used as a rain-proof and flood-proof product, so when it is made into a bag, it has a certain waterproof performance. It can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth after it is usually dirty. Some simple stains For example, dust or oil stains are not easy to stay on the bag and can be cleaned up without freshening.

The canvas bag is not waterproof because it is made of cotton and linen fabric. It is easy to get wet in water or rain, and the surface is rough but wear-resistant.

3. Oxford bags tend to be more sporty, while canvas bags tend to be more casual and artistic.

The Oxford bag fabric is smooth and lustrous, and at the same time, it has strong wear resistance and anti-manufacturing resistance. The version is mostly sports and leisure style. It is very convenient to use with some zippers, and it can also be matched with some sports clothes and casual clothes. completely fine.

The canvas bag is more inclined to the casual literary style. At the beginning, the canvas bag is still a bit stiff, but after one wash, the fabric will soften and become more "gentle", so it looks very literary and artistic, with some Cotton and linen clothes are still very uniform.

4. Oxford bags are more resistant to dirt than canvas bags.

As mentioned above, the Oxford bag is waterproof and easy to take care of. The fabric itself is smooth and it is not easy to get stains. However, the canvas bag is just the opposite. The cotton and linen material used is more likely to intercept stains. , and the canvas bag cotton and linen fabric is wear-resistant, but it is also easy to pilling and damage the surface smoothness.

5. Canvas bags are more environmentally friendly than Oxford bags.

At present, the materials of canvas bags are more easily available and affordable, so they are also very environmentally friendly bags. Many people in the fashion industry will match a canvas bag for interpretation during environmental protection week or some light literary occasions, so although there are many The disadvantage is that it is more popular than the Oxford bag as a whole. After all, the fabric of the Oxford bag is not as soft and comfortable as the canvas bag, and some less safe ingredients will be added in the production process. Overall, it is indeed not as universal and as the canvas bag. safety.


The above comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the two generally shows that the Oxford bag is better than the canvas bag. Except for personal preference, it seems that the canvas bag is better.

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