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The difference between ultrasonic non-woven bags and ordinary non-woven bags

Ultrasonic non-woven bag is an environmentally friendly non-woven bag welded by ultrasonic non-woven fabric welding machine. Its biggest feature is that it does not have any threads on its body, which is favored by thousands of consumers. No matter what kind of style you have, then, what is the difference between ultrasonic non-woven bags and ordinary non-woven bags, and which is better?

1. The ultrasonic process is much more delicate than the seam. Since the edge and corner lines are automatically generated by the machine according to the mold, the specifications are relatively uniform, and there will be no broken joints and crooked seams.

2. The degree of mechanization of ultrasonic non-woven bags is higher than that of sewing, the error rate is lower than that of sewing, and the management cost and hidden cost of workers are lower.

3. When mass production, the quantity reaches more than 50,000, the cost of production is much lower than the cost of seam, and the speed of production is higher than the speed of seam.

4. Non-woven bags produced by ultrasonic technology, handbags and bag side lines can be pressed with patterns by molds. The patterns are rich in varieties, and the products are high-end and beautiful. 

5. The printing adopts automatic screen printing or flexo printing, non-woven roll-to-roll printing, and the printing error is less than 3 mm, which is very different from manual screen printing. The multi-color registration is accurate, avoiding the deviation of manual printing position. Large shift, uneven inking and many other defects. Sixth, the ultrasonic welding handle, that is, the handle and the belt. Compared with seam, it is hot and uniform, beautiful, and weighs heavy. For the same fabric, our Trodat bag-making test results show that the weight is significantly higher than sewing back-and-forth stitches, cross-cuts, etc.

What is an ultrasonic non-woven bag ?

Ultrasonic non-woven bags, I believe everyone has often seen them. Looking at the whole body of the bag, you can't find a single thread at all, and the whole body of the bag is covered with traces of being suppressed by the machine, and the styles are different. It is made of ultrasonic non-woven fabrics. Ultrasonic non-woven bags welded by cloth welding machine.

The working principle of the ultrasonic non-woven fabric welding machineis to use high-frequency oscillation to transmit the sound wave to the welding surface of the workpiece by the welding head, and instantly rub the molecules of the workpiece to reach the melting point of the plastic, so as to complete the rapid dissolution of the solid material and complete the welding. The strength of the joint is close to that of a whole piece of continuous material. As long as the joint surface of the product is designed to match, there is absolutely no problem with complete sealing. 

Compared with the traditional needle-type wire stitching, it has the following advantages:

1Using ultrasonic welding, no need for needles and threads, and the trouble of frequent needle and thread changes, there is no broken joints or even broken needles of traditional thread stitching, and it can also be used for textiles. Make a neat partial cut and seal. The stitching also plays a role in decoration. It has strong adhesion, can achieve waterproof effect, clear embossing, and the surface has a three-dimensional relief effect. The working speed is fast, the product effect is better, and the quality is guaranteed.

2. Using ultrasonic and special steel wheel processing, the sealed edge will not crack, will not hurt the edge of the cloth, and there is no burr or curling phenomenon.

3. No preheating is required during manufacture, and it can be operated continuously.

4. It is easy to operate, and it is not much different from the traditional sewing machine operation method. Ordinary sewing workers can operate it.

5. Low cost, 5 to 6 times faster than traditional machines, and high efficiency.

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