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The terminal consumption entrance of non-woven bags is originally here!

When it comes to the end consumer groups of non-woven bags, we have to admit that supermarkets are the largest end-consumer entrance for non-woven bags. However, many supermarkets still continue to use or sell plastic bags for consumers to store items purchased in supermarkets.

Some of these plastic bags are of ok quality. Some of them are really flattering. After shopping at the supermarket, they will rot before they get home. Maybe they even beat the soy sauce and vinegar that their daughter-in-law bought. In this way, they have to kneel on the washboard when they go home. Good quality ones can be kept as a garbage bag after use, and poor quality ones are thrown away before they are used up.

In third- and fourth-tier cities, our vegetable markets, streets and alleys, and garbage dumps are full of colorful plastic bags. However, the creator of all this is ourselves. This is not only a simple environmental damage, but also reflects that the environmental awareness of each consumer group is not strong.

As early as many years ago, people realized the white pollution problem of the environment. Gradually began to pay attention to the issue of environmental protection, and gradually improved the bags for these items just needed in people's daily life. Simply put, it is a new product that replaces plastic bags. Slowly, the so-called environmentally friendly bags that have been used many times have appeared - non-polluting, non-polluting, non-woven bags that can be degraded in the natural environment for 90 days.

Among these environmental protection bags, non-woven tote bags are the most widely used bags. To put it another way, if those supermarkets or supermarkets that have been using plastic bags all the time change to non-woven bags, it will be a huge potential market for non-woven handbags. Of course, in this market, basically everything that can be developed has been developed, and it is almost completely popular.

Non-woven bags have indeed improved many problems in our lives. Many supermarkets and shopping malls will provide non-woven bags when going shopping. Of course, it's all paid consumption. Charges vary, and in supermarkets that don’t use plastic bags, no matter how expensive a non-woven bag is, for consumers who purchase a lot of items, no matter how expensive they are, they are willing to pay the money to buy a non-woven bag. to pack your own stuff. This phenomenon, relatively speaking, is more reflected in first- and second-tier cities.

Of course, in addition to the use of non-woven bags in shopping malls and supermarkets, many companies will also use non-woven bags with company logos to pack souvenirs after some large-scale meetings to give gifts to guests. Some time ago, a customer Said that he was very satisfied with the non-woven bags we made here. The guests received the bag they gave and liked it very much. Several guests even asked the manufacturer who made the bag. It is a great honor for Bag King Packaging to hear such feedback from customers . We would also like to thank the clients who referred us to us.

Why are non-woven bags so popular? Because the non-woven bag has beautiful shape, good air permeability, and can be reused. If the gifts to customers and partners are packed in non-woven eco-friendly bags, it is equivalent to giving them an extra beautiful gift. At the same time, if you put the company's small advertisement on it and use it at the exhibition, you will get the effect of killing two birds with one stone.

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