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What are the reasons for the different prices of non-woven bags?

In the usual sales process, many customers come up and ask, how much does your custom non-woven bag cost? But what Lu Xiaoyin wants to say is, how should I answer you if you ask me like this?

Non-woven bags are customized products. We must first understand the size specifications, fabric weight, printing layout, and customized quantity of the non-woven bags you want to customize before we can quote an accurate price. This is not like other general-purpose products that can be directly quoted. , so if you ask me the price of non-woven bags as soon as you come, how can I tell you exactly how much our custom non-woven bags cost ?   

Therefore , we will popularize the quotation of non-woven bags for everyone. Please take a look at the following factors that affect the customization of non-woven bags to know why the manufacturers of non-woven bags cannot give you a quotation immediately.

The factors that affect the price of non-woven bags are as follows:

一、The weight of the fabric You need to tell the weight of the customized non-woven bag, the more commonly used is 80 grams of cloth, our company has 70 grams -120 grams of non-woven fabrics, but the price is different for different grams, so When customers customize non-woven bags, they should tell the manufacturer what the gram weight of the fabric you choose is.

二、Size specification The size specification of the non-woven bag is the main aspect that affects the price, because it directly determines the amount of material used. We all know that the larger the size, the more fabric is used, of course, the price will be relatively more expensive.

三、Customized styles Because there are many styles of non-woven bags produced, the more complex styles are, the more complicated the workmanship, and the more expensive the price of course. The main styles of non-woven bags produced are: non-woven bags, non-woven perforated bags, non-woven backpack bags, non-woven drawstring bags, non-woven integrated bags, non-woven wallet folding bags, non-woven bags Non-woven document bags, non-woven dust bags, non-woven suit bags, non-woven flat pockets, non-woven fork bottom bags, non-woven corner bags and other styles.

四、Printing Layout When customizing non-woven bags, you need to tell the size of the graphic layout printed on the bag and how many colors you need to print, so that you can know which printing process to choose. Common printing processes include screen printing, flexo printing, Color lamination, etc. Of course, the starting quantity of these printing processes is also different. Screen printing generally starts with several hundred pieces, and the price is cheap; and the latter two require 5,000 pieces to start printing, and the price is relatively expensive.

五. Order Quantity When consulting the price of non-woven bags, you should tell the manufacturer the customized quantity. We all know the principle of favoring the larger quantity. The more customized the bag, the cheaper it will be. Luxiaoyin Factory's non-woven bags are generally ordered in 1,000 pieces. If there are special circumstances, hundreds of non-woven bags can be customized, but the price is relatively expensive.

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