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What is lithography (offset printing)

Lithographic definition: The graphic part on the printing plate and the non-graphic blank are almost on the same plane.

Lithographic practices

When printing, first wet the non-graphic part of the printing plate with fountain solution to form a uniform water film of a certain thickness, and then wet the graphic part of the printing plate with ink to form a uniform ink film with a certain thickness. The principle of incompatibility, the non-graphic part and the graphic part rely on the water film and the ink film to resist each other's wetting. Lithographic surfaces must form both hydrophilic and oleophobic and lipophilic and hydrophobic surface regions.

Lithographic printing features


1. The printing plate making work is simple and the cost is low.

2. The color matching version is accurate, and the printing version is easy to copy.

3. The print is soft.

4. Can be printed in large quantities.


1. Due to the influence of water glue during printing, the color reproduction ability is reduced, and the brightness is reduced.

2. The ink on the layout is thin (only 70% of the capacity can be expressed, so the offset-printed light box poster must be double-sided printing to enhance its color).

3. Special printing applications are limited.

Lithographic applications

①Posters, ②Instructions , ③Newspapers , ④Packaging , ⑤Books , ⑥Magazines , ⑦Calendars , ⑧Other related color printing and large quantities of printed matter .

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