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Where should non-woven tote bags be used? What types of non-woven bags are there ?

In response to the call, as early as two periods a few years ago, non-woven handbags gradually became popular with the implementation of energy-saving policies. Just when the two parties were held, some of the participants were holding non-woven handbags in their hands, turning their ideas into action, which attracted the attention of the society. Since then, "non-woven handbag" has become a hot search term today.

As a category of products, non-woven handbags, since the promulgation of the "Plastic Restriction Order", because their material is non-woven fabrics and are highly reusable, they intersect with the harm of "white pollution" of plastic bags. Bags are much stronger. And which industries can non-woven handbags bring huge market returns?

The production and processing process of non-woven handbags is much more than that of plastic bags. From material to production, to market sales of non-woven handbags, the market of non-woven bags roughly faces the potential of market nuggets in three links: material supply, production, and single product sales. In recent years, single products have entered the market in fashion. Most of the material supply cooperates directly with the non-woven bag manufacturers, which can be divided into two parts: the direct production market and the fashion item market.

This depends on the industry involved in the production process of non-woven bags. From material selection, to production, to market sales of handbags, the market of bags is roughly faced with the market nuggets potential in three links: material supply, production and single product sales. In recent years, single product sales have mostly entered the market with fashion single products, and material supply is mostly combined with production, which can be directly divided into two parts: the production market and the fashion single product market.

From the production market, the economic market of non-woven handbags is increasing year by year. Bag manufacturers have emerged in an endless stream in recent years, and there are many good and bad ones. It is worth mentioning that many manufacturers have begun to use polyester fiber as the material of choice. Polyester fiber is a new generation material, which can be naturally decomposed after 90 days outdoors, and can be used for 5 years when placed indoors. It is non-toxic, odorless, burning without residual substances, and does not pollute the environment. It is an internationally recognized product for the protection of the earth's ecological environment.

Nowadays, many celebrities have taken non-woven handbags as a fashion standard, and regard handbags as the embodiment of their own viewpoints, which are relaxed and casual but full of fashion. Non-woven tote bags are no longer a women's product, but a favorite accessory for fashionistas. A tote bag that involves the perfection is usually supported by thousands of people in front of consumers. Some people have seized the fashion opportunity in the design of handbags, which is the personalized customization service of non-woven handbags, and some handbag manufacturers let consumers design handbags by themselves. This bag adds another memory and value.

After the non-woven handbag is made, it must be put into the market and tested by the market. This is the second market for non-woven handbags, and most of them are in the form of trendy items. The production cost of handbags is not high, but as a trendy item, the design skills are the real work. To a certain extent, design is a "higher pad" for the sales market, and good design is also easy to buy for consumers.

Market development requires a forward-looking vision. Non-woven handbags can also be used as a window for corporate publicity. It is an excellent choice to promote the company's trademark, totem or as a souvenir or company product.

Therefore, under the promotion of major merchants, Boxiao non-woven handbags have also gained a good market. In the future, as long as everyone's ideas remain the same, Lu Xiaoyin believes that the market for non-woven handbags will be even bigger.

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