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Why recommend the use of non-woven bags

Non-woven fabric, also known as non-woven fabric, is a fabric formed without spinning and weaving. It is mainly reinforced by mechanical, hot pressing, etc.

In terms of production, non-woven fabrics have the characteristics of high output, low cost, wide application and fast production. Moreover, the product features have good characteristics such as light weight, breathability, waterproof, and environmental protection.

Under the requirements of the plastic restriction order, non-degradable disposable plastic bags have gradually withdrawn from the market, and reusable non-woven bags have become one of the substitutes, and are widely used in supermarkets, catering, takeaway and other fields.

Compared with plastic bags, non-woven bags are easier to print patterns, and the colors are more vivid. In addition, it can be used repeatedly. You can consider adding more exquisite patterns and advertisements than plastic bags on non-woven shopping bags, because the loss rate of repeated use is lower than that of plastic bags, 

Non-woven bags are a green product, durable, beautiful in shape, reusable, washable, and can be customized for printed advertisements. It is suitable for any company or industry as advertising and gifts. Consumers get an exquisite non-woven bag while shopping, and merchants can also promote it invisibly. Therefore, more and more merchants in the market are using non-woven bags.

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